Monday, November 9, 2009

Donny Winn - My Second Chance

Reflecting on my Cognitive Development
Posted by Donny Winn • October 18th, 2009 • Printer-friendly

Reflecting on my Cognitive Progress. Thanks to Dr. Schutz, Rachel and Sarah

Hey to all of my readers and followers out there. I’m sorry that I haven’t been keeping everyone updated on how everything has been going here at Casa Colina TLC. “Transitional Living Center”.

Alright lets starts with my cognition “cognitive processes” which is “the way that you would process your thoughts” in which I will have to admit when I first got to TLC it wasn’t the best and trust me I’m not saying my cognition is all the way there now but I would probably have to say that I’m about 50 % there. All thanks to Dr. Schutz, Rachel and Sarah they are my cognitive therapists and also the best thing with cognition therapy is that they are getting me prepared for the real world and also work!! NEXT..............

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