Sunday, March 16, 2008

Which treatments are exempt?

T. Banusekar

Three months ago, I had spent Rs 32,000 towards the laser surgery of my father’s eyes. Will the amount spent by me towards the laser surgery be eligible for deduction under Section 80DDB or under any other Section? — Komaravel K.

Section 80DDB allows a deduction to a resident individual if he incurs expenditure on medial treatment of a disease or an ailment specified by the board if the treatment is for himself or a dependent of his. The deduction will be the amount actually incurred or Rs 40,000 whichever is less (Rs 60,000 if the patient is a senior citizen).

National Hospital of Iceland Breaks Language Barriers

The National Hospital of Iceland (LSH) has begun using a 38-page picture book to ease communication between staff and patients where language and/or physical condition hinders patients from expressing their wishes.

“It is thought of as a tool for reaching those who have difficulties expressing themselves or do not understand what we tell them,” teaching and educational nurse at LSH Inga Teitsdóttir told Morgunbladid.

“They may be patients on respirators, people who suffer from nervous diseases that cause aphasia […], or belong to the growing group of patients of foreign origin who don’t speak Icelandic or any language that we speak,” Teitsdóttir said.